flexion fitness

Case Study


Flexion Fitness is a newly opened Gym based in Northern Ireland.

The Brief:


Andrew the owner of Flexion Fitness came as a recommendation from the guys at Shapeshifter Nutrition. The Gym was just opening and they needed a new website and a marketing strategy to get the word out and grow the memberships as quickly as possible.


The Gym would have 4 revenue streams: 

  • On going memberships
  • Pay as you go
  • Personal Trainers Fees
  • Daily Classes


We had to create strategies for each of the streams and grow them month on month.

The Results: 


The results of this marketing campaign were measured by reviewing the bookings & memberships generated from the increase in traffic from SEO, as well as social following and this all leads to more bookings.



To raise the profile of the Gym we created a kinetic text based video and promoted it on all social platforms.


here are some stats on Video: 


  • 46% of users who watch video online take action
  • Video has a 40% higher reach on Facebook
  • Video enhances brand awareness


The strategy for this was to create a high quality website with an online booking system, we then needed to create various ways to drive visitors to the site. 


For this we used Social Media, SEO & Email Marketing



For this website we had two main goals, it had to look good and convert. To get the best conversions possible we included an online booking system that was very easy to use for both the Gym staff and end user.  


To get the best conversions possible we included an online booking system!


We structured the layout of this site so that it was very easy to use, the classes where laid out very clearly and it included a search function to make it simple to find any class. We then installed features to track users on the site.. 


SEO & Social Media


To drive traffic to the website we created an SEO and Social Media Marketing strategy. 


We seen that their were very high volumes of searches done for keywords within their industry so we done very in-depth research on their competitors and current searches, we then used our "KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index)" calculation to determine which keywords were better to target at the start which would lead to quicker results. 


We then created a social media campaign to grow an audience and market to them. One of our strategies was to join multiple local groups and post into these twice per day as well as designing and posting quality content onto the companies own Social profiles each day.  

Ranking Report
Flexion Fitness Website
Facebook Followers


over 1700 likes in 3 month



At 90% In 3 months

Daily Classes 


87% Full

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