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Case Study


Miss Protein (Zara Dawson) is an award winning fitness model and personal trainer, providing 1on1 personal coaching, group coaching, weekly classes and nutritional plans to local clients within a 20 mile radius.

The Brief:


With Miss Proteins current business model, she found herself very limited in the amount of revenue that she could generate as 90% of her services were based on her time.


Miss Proteins also had a pretty large social following but could not do anything to leverage it as she had limited time.


Miss Protein contacted us at IWebDesign to go over her ideas for a new business model to see which one was best and would help to reach a wider audience, grow her income and also cut her working hours. 


Not ones to shy away from a challenge, IWebDesign set out to deliver outstanding services to help make this get off the ground fast. 

The Results: 


The results of this marketing campaign were measured by reviewing the initial mailing list sign ups, as well as amount of programmes that were signed up too.

Targeting the right audience


Miss Protein already had a good following on Facebook but she had not run Ads in a while as she had come to the conclusion that they just didn't work. 


We set out to prove this theory wrong and show that with a carefully constructed and managed campaign, she could really benefit. 


We created a very detailed audience to really dig in to her target market whilst also excluding various demographics that would just waste the budget and not be interested. 



For this Ad we wanted to have the most impact as possible, So we created a professional Video that is very eye catching and informative. We knew straight away that Video would achieve the impact we were looking for! Heres the min reasons we knew this: 


  • 46% of users who watch video online take action
  • Video has a 40% higher reach on Facebook
  • Video enhances brand awareness


The strategy that we came up with was to create an online membership programme that clients could sign up to and get monthly training systems, nutritional plans and regular assessments. 


To deliver this programme Miss protein needed a website that clients could come on to and sign up to a course that suited their needs. We then needed to work out a way to quickly direct TARGETED visitors to the website and lead them through to conversion.



For this project we carefully planned and strategised the layout of the website based on the clients information, colours and content. We then structured the content with the way that we want the end user to be directed through the site. 


Yes the site needs to look great but it also needs to convert!


We have also created hidden landing pages for various offers, courses and content. These pages will be used in various marketing campaigns and tracked fully using analytics and Facebook pixels that have been installed. 


Generating Traffic & Engagement


We focused on the Facebook for the first initial drive in traffic, because we can build an engaging audience that we can then grow in the future. 


The strategy we used for this was to create a like and share competition and promote it to the desired target audience. With this competition post we went one step further and asked for people to also comment "WIN" under the post and we would then send them a message to confirm their entry. 


One benefit of asking for a comment was that this created engagement on Facebook and as the Ad we set up was an engagement Ad, Facebook then pushed this more. 

Facebook Autoresponder


At IWebDesign we have some amazing software that when attached to a clients Facebook post allows their page to instantly send a custom message directly to anyone that comments on that particular post.


Using this software we set up a message trigger that included a link to a sign up form on a hidden landing page on Miss Proteins website. 


92% off people that commented on the post clicked this link and signed up to the mailing list



We set up Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels within the website so that we could track everything that was happening on the site. 


Here's a few stats:


AD Budget



AD Comments


261 In 4 Hours

Auto Messages


261 In 4 Hours

Programmes Signed Up


12 In 4 Hours At Average Cost Of £100 Per Month

Email Subscribers


240 In 4 Hours

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