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Here’s Why Engaging Videos Are So Important:


You See These Words? 


95% of Your Audience Skims Right By Them.


Professional videos are seriously important. 


Especially when it comes to landing pages. I mean think about it…


How often do you actually read the text that’s way down here?


(How often do you think your prospects read the text down here?)


The words you are reading right now are what most people skim. They are here with the hope that you might come across them - but they aren’t the reason you ever buy anything. If you’re like your audience, you’re actually only reading the bold words and headlines.


But that’s ok because...

Marketing Call To Actions
Marketing Call To Actions


Market efficiently with live interactive call to action buttons, email op-tin forms and even live countdown timers.

Global Marketing
Market Globally No Limits


The world is your oyster! Market globally, no longer is language a barrier with Smart Videos auto translate feature.

Cloud Publishing
Cloud Publishing


Videos are hosted on our cloud platform so you can stream your videos with confidence using the best servers online.

Video has the power to capture attention, keep prospects on your page, and engage them with your message. 


Every marketing “guru,” guide, course, book, blog, and case study has a statistic for every niche, market and business that reads “split testing reveals: video converts over 46% higher than text content.”


I mean, let’s be honest…


You’re reading these words right now because the video at the top of this page captured your attention. At this point, practically everyone knows about the power of video.


We don’t really need to tell you (but we will do it anyway…)

Video Converts


Video Converts.

BUT – Not Every Video Converts. Think About It.

Poorly produced videos rarely increase (they can actually hurt) conversion rates…


And when you throw just another slideshow together, you run the risk of telling your audience: 


“Don’t take me seriously. ”


You know, for a fact, that’s the cold hard truth. Just consider your own experience.You click on links all the time, see videos on landing pages, and think: 


“Ok, is this guy FOR REAL with the COLOR OUTLINED TEXT, outdated transitions, and 20-year-old pitch?"


And that’s why you need to take your videos seriously, and start your year on the right foot. 

Get Ready To Take Your Videos To The Next Level

With Our Unique ‘Smart Elements’.


Smart Videos is the first video creation tool that allows you to use smart elements to engage your audience and capture attention by automatically adapting your videos to match viewer location.

Watch Face

Display specific country

Display today’s date

Display city of viewer

Display viewer’s time

Customize Time, Date, City – Grab attention using the trick
copywriting guru Dan Kennedy pioneered back in the days of direct mail. Set your videos to display the date, time, or city your viewer is in.

Customisable Time
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