There was a time when the  Yellow Pages was a major part of any businesses marketing plan – it dominated the 80’s and 90’s. If your client base was within the  local area you wanted to be in your local book, and companies wanting nationwide exposure would spend hundreds of thousands of pounds each year to appear in every book in every area throughout the UK.


The dawn of the internet changed everything though, and by the mid 2000’s the Yellow Pages books were getting smaller and smaller as advertisers pulled out to invest their marketing budgets online.


Despite creating yell.com, and a website design and Adwords marketing department, the company continued to struggle with its massive debt to the tune of £2.7 Billion and in 2013 Yell was taken over by the investors.


You are just a 'number'


The Yell Group have recently returned to their original Yell branding after a failed stint at their brand change to 'HIBU'. Your account manager will be a salesperson who gets in touch once a year to renew your contract rather than a marketer who works with you regularly to improve results.


Once they have made the sale to you they are on to the next one and contact with you will deteriorate. 

Poor Design Process


Your website will be designed with a template as will your copy, produced by a team of ‘battery’ website designers based in India trying to produce as many websites in as short a time as possible.


These designers you will have no contact with, instead you will have to pass all your requests to the sales person (who will have very limited developer knowledge) and hope that when what they say they can achieve is actually correct.


Your website is 'Rented'


When you get a Yell website, you don’t own the website. This means if you want a better website or you want to change providers, you have to start all over again – you may need a new domain name for your emails, your letterheads, signage and advertising.


You are also starting all over again with Google, building their trust as a new website which will take time.

You can't make changes


Google loves fresh content, and websites that regularly add good quality content will rank much higher than static sites.


With a Yell website you can’t make any changes yourself – you can request the changes by email or by phone but in our experience with Yell sites these changes are either late or not made at all.

You can't monitor results accurately


Yell want you to use their own statistics program, which is extremely basic and has no information about individual page performance or website referrals (I wonder if they are concerned about clients seeing just how many click-throughs they get from Yell.com?).

Wasted Budget


the nature of both the Yell.com website and the Paid search ads they place for you mean you are likely to pay to advertise for products and services you don’t provide, in areas that you don’t cover.


As sales staff are targeted on certain products you may not get recommended the best services for your company goals and end up with the services that make them the most commission!

Poor Search Engine Optimisation


As Yell outsource their website design process to companies based in India and are working on a system that has limited functionality, you will not receive the best SEO service. 


Google consistently update their algorithm's and your website needs to keep up with them to have any chance to get on the first page and then stay there for a long period of time. 


Use our free website test to check how your Yell website scores based on Google factors.

Limited Additional Pages


With Yell's most popular website package, you get up to 10 pages built at the design stage. After this stage has passed you are then limited as to how many pages they will add for you. They state that you can add only 1 extra page each quarter!


With Google now loving fresh content on websites this is just not enough! Lets say you want to run a blog on your site, you cannot add a new blog weekly even monthly. You are limited to just one per quarter!

Limited Adwords Budget


There's no denying that Yell are a premier partner with Google, however unless you are spending massive amounts with them for Adwords each month you are just a number and get a very basic service with Adwords. You cannot track your Ads and see which ones are working best or even to make sure you are in the right areas.


Also one thing they do not tell you is just how much of your budget they actually take for themselves. When you sign up for Adwords with Yell they take a massive 40% of your budget for themselves and only 60% is used for your Ads!

Logistics Training Services Website
Logistics Training Services


"We got a website designed by Yell but after deeper inspection we noticed that it was designed on the same template as one of our competitors! The guys at IWebDesign took our old and tired looking website and gave it a new and modern look. They also showed us how to get more out of our website and within 2 months have us ranking in Google for or top 5 keywords! we could not be happier and highly recommend IWebDesign"


Liverpool Lipo Website
Liverpool Lipo


“We have had the pleasure to work with IWebDesign from 2014 and we will continue to build on our relationship in the future. We have been very demanding clients but anything we have asked has never been a problem, infact they have made our business a lot easier to run as they have completely taken over our online strategies and built them from strength to strength.


With the help of IWebDesign we have grown from 1 clinic to 4 in 4 separate locations.”


Glenn Pringle & Dean Hunston



Altra Executives Website
Altra Executives


"We used IWebDesign for two websites we urgently needed updated. Stephen took the time to meet with me in person to get a real understanding of our needs and brand. He came up with some great ideas & nothing was too much trouble that we asked. Within a matter of weeks our website was completed to the highest standard in a cost effective manner. We have used various large companies before in London and also Yell who could not deliver what Stephen has, I honestly can't recommend Stephen and his company enough, a real pleasure to work with, first class service."


Fiona Cameron


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It is easy to swicth your Yell website and here's how we do it.


Once you have agreed to SWITCH & UPGRADE to IWebDesign. Please do NOTHING with your Yell/Hibu website until we have produced your new website and it is live on the internet. We give you a start date for the build and aim to complete the work in FIVE working days. Occasionally we may need your help with Art Work. But our aim is you do nothing. We arrange switching your Domain Name to point to the new website – you cancel Yell/Hibu at this point.

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